Wellcome to Merc-Supplystore


Merc-Supplystore is located in the United Kingdom, with its main focus to try and embody the spirit of the Star Wars movies in each prop we make. We mainly specialise in making blasters, we used to have a wide spectrum that we supplied but we have decided to cutback and just focus on a selected few items.

The goal is to create awesome props that are cool to display but also good to add to your cosplay.

Since 2016 we have supplied DIY kits and ready to use props, ranging from Blaster pistols to full sized static droids. Within this time the market has changed, and the price and ownership of 3D printers has meant the sale of props has dropped.


So to kick of 2022 we will be supplying 3d printable files for sale, these will be the same files that we use for are items, but will be also doing items from different films. Some of the new DIY kits and ready to use props featured will have been designed by Mystery makers and 3D-Props, along with new designs by us.


Another thing that will be happening over the next few months is the creation of are Patreon page where we will provide tutorials, videos and behind the scene content including research and development stages.

If you’re into 3D printing, Star Wars, cosplay and collecting, you’re at the right place!